Short Film: The Life of a Beer


So this episode has been in the works for a long time, I started working on it in March. I came up with the basic concept about a year ago while I was brewing at Acoustic: I wanted to make a video that shows not only the brewers and the brewing process but also the packaging, transport, and eventually the drinking of the beer. I felt like so many beer videos focus only on the mash-in and boil, but there’s so much more that happens in the life of a beer, and I wanted to capture it all from start to finish.

Ryan Brooks and all the folks at Coronado Brewing have always been great with letting me show up at any of their locations unannounced and film whatever the fuck I want, so I decided to focus on Islander IPA, Coronado’s gold-medal-winning beer. One day while shooting, I met a guy named Phil Sgrosso who is in a metal band and he said I could use his music for the video. This was very fortuitous because I had been wanting to use a metal song for the video, since that’s the style of music Ryan Brooks typically listens to.

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