Flight Tasting: MacLeod Ale

MacLeod Ale

We realized (too late, it seems) that the key to a successful TV show about craft beer is having people talk in Scottish accents. So just in time for their 2nd anniversary, we’re proud to present MacLeod Ale Brewing Co! Founded by Scotsman Alistair Boase & his wife pretty Jenny, they specialize in traditional British & Scottish styles of beer. MacLeod is in Los Angeles, which is a terrible place. But the beer is amazing!

Also, since no one asked for it, we brought back Grant from “Crafty” fame to guest host this episode. Note: the guy in the b-roll footage who looks like a fat version of Grant is his twin brother Sean, he was hired as an assistant brewer at MacLeod early this year.

There’s a little footage at the top of this episode from the 1st annual Brewer’s Games at Societe as well. We hope to turn that footage into a full episode for season 2, but there won’t be a season 2 if you don’t back us on Kickstarter!

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