Top Rated IPA Beers in the US

Don’t overcomplicate it. Top Rated IPA’s in the US are Non-Debatable

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as exploring the multi-faceted world of India Pale Ale (IPA) beers, particularly with respect to the top-rated IPAs in the United States. These acclaimed beverages, rich in flavor profile and bustling with an eclectic mix of ingredients, are far from monolithic. Instead, they offer a full spectrum of taste experiences, from the intensely hoppy brews that hit you with a punch of bitterness, to the more balanced and nuanced blends which present a perfect symphony of malt and hops. In this exciting voyage, we’ll delve into two of America’s most revered IPAs that have irreversibly shaped the country’s taste in beers – Pliny The Elder from Russian River Brewing Company and Two Hearted Ale from Bell’s Brewery.

Pliny The Elder from Russian River Brewing Company
A Pronounced Flavour Profile
Just like strolling through a crowded mall, savoring Pliny The Elder is an experience to remember. Brewed meticulously in Santa Rosa, California, every sip of this highly-regarded IPA from Russian River Brewing Company is a unique encounter.

When you hold Russian River Brewing Pliny the Elderup a glass of Pliny The Elder, you’re faced with a medium-bodied beer that glows with a golden hue. The first scent that strikes your nostrils are of floral notes, very much like a garden in full bloom, followed by a striking, hoppy aroma which bears witness to its double dry-hopped nature.

A Beer for the Gods
The taste test only elevates its stand. On your first sip, you’re greeted by a complex unity of hop bitterness, floral touches and a substantial malty tone. This is not your everyday beer, but rather a seasoned veteran of the beer world.

Named after a Roman scholar, the beer seems to borrow from him, embodying a persona that’s both intriguing and philosophical. It boasts a heady 8.0% alcohol content, but its character remains undominated by it.

A Collector’s Delight
Not unlike an elusive, limited edition item in a posh boutique, getting your hands on Pliny The Elder can be somewhat of a challenge. This is due to its significant appeal amongst beer enthusiasts and the brewery’s limited distribution.

But like any precious find, once you get a hold of Pliny The Elder, the overwhelming experience definitely justifies the chase. It’s a well-crafted beer, brimming over with flavour that never fails to capture the intrigue of its drinkers.

Each encounter with Pliny The Elder is akin to exploring a high-end boutique filled with exquisite, alluring items. It’s intricate, rich and undeniably tempting. Just like waiting for a Saturday trip to the mall, it’s an experience worth anticipating.

A bottle of Pliny The Elder IPA, depicting its golden color and branding.

Two Hearted Ale from Bell’s Brewery
Two Hearted Ale: A Feat of Passion Brewing
Bell’s Brewery is no stranger to the intricate craft that is brewing, and one of their standout offerings is the Two Hearted Ale. Named after the Two Hearted River in Michigan, this IPA manifests itself as a top-rated IPA beer in the US; a testament to the brewery’s prowess and passion in the art of brewing.

If you imagine sitting alongside a peaceful river in Michigan’s wilderness, a can of Two Hearted Ale in your hand, what does that taste like? Experts and beer aficionados might describe it as a harmonious blend of toasted malt undertones and robustly full-bodied hops – the hallmark of an exquisite IPA.


The magic of this ale, however, isn’t in any old batch of hops, but from 100% Centennial hops. These particular hops lend a signature piney and grapefruit aroma to the ale that intoxicates before the first sip hits your lips. It’s a bold choice, matched only by the commitment to balancing it with a backbone of malty sweetness.

Then there’s the matter of its 7% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). On the slightly steeper side for IPAs, this only enhances the beer’s bold character. But don’t be fooled, the higher alcohol content doesn’t overshadow its nuanced flavors. It’s a testament to Bell’s Brewery’s expertise that they manage to pack such a robust experience into each can without compromising on subtlety and individuality.

Two Hearted Ale stands tall as an embodiment of the gritty tenacity and skillful craft that have come to be synonymous with Bell’s Brewery. The result is an IPA that isn’t just a beer, but an experience waiting to unravel with each sip. If there’s one thing certain about this ale, it’s that it never fails to make its presence known – much like the river it was named after.

A can of Two Hearted Ale, with a river and wilderness in the background.

Unquestionably, both the intense, power-packed Pliny The Elder and the wonderfully balanced Two Hearted Ale demonstrate the tremendous range and diversity offered by IPAs in the United States. Their distinctive flavors not only promise a tantalizing treat to your taste buds but also invite you to explore the intricate art and depth of craftsmanship incorporated into brewing. What they offer is not just a glass of beer, but a tasting experience that intrigues, enthralls, and leaves you thirsting for more. Learning about these two exceptional IPAs is merely the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey through America’s vibrant beer landscape.