Beer of the Week: White Labs Frankenstout

White Labs Frankenstout

From the Beer Writer: Cue the lightning and thunder-claps then start the slow zoom toward the building housing the mad scientist’s laboratory. In this case, Dr. Frankenstein’s lair isn’t nestled within some mountaintop castle. It’s White Labs’ Miramar headquarters, which is on a street with a slight incline, but I digress. Playing the role of the quirkily ambitious doctor is Joe Kurowski, the fermentationist in charge of White Labs’ on-site 20-barrel brewhouse. He has stout wort cooled and transferred into tanks, awaiting the magic moment when yeast is added to transform that unfermented fluid’s sugars into alcohol. Being in the belly of the world’s foremost yeast-production beast, Kurowski could go in almost any direction—California Ale Yeast, Belgian Trappist Yeast, German Lager Yeast or the local-fave San Diego Super Yeast. Rather than choosing one, he does something truly…well…mad.

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