Beer Touring: Border X Brewing Company

Border X Brewing

The first two stops on my #southbayuprising tour in Chula Vista were to breweries that had been open less than a year. Neither were stellar, but some forgiveness can be applied to such youthful operations. In my opinion, Bay Bridge and Novo Brazil aren’t ready for prime-time, but there’s hope that they’ll improve their processes in the near future.

The same considerations cannot be applied to Border X Brewing Company (2181 Logan Avenue, Barrio Logan). This business, which brews in Otay, has been in operation since the beginning of 2014, and has operated a Barrio Logan-based tasting room since the first-quarter of that year. In short, they’ve been around long enough that all fine-tuning should be completed, and all excuses should have gone the way of early shortcomings.

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