Pure Project

Pure Project

Pure Project believes every beer should tell a story; just like a world class meal, a perfect cup of coffee or a timeless wine, and they aim to bring that same level of passion, creativity and artistry to the ever evolving craft beer community. They look forward to sharing their art with that movement by focusing on quality & experience to give context to the beer in your glass.


Brewery – Miramar
9030 Kenamar Dr. #308 San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 252-6143

Sensei 5.2% 15
Valle Pura Vida 5.1% 20
Romeo & Julius 5.8% 15
Evangeline 5.0% 0
La Vie En Rose 6.5% 25
Badlands 5.5% 30
Milagro 5.3% 30
Grass Fed IPA 6.6% 45
Midnight In Moscow 8.8% 35
Road Less Traveled 7.0% 45
No Reservations 9.3% 85
Monch 10.8% 55
A shiny black Camaro with tinted windows slaloms across the parking lot and stops in front of Pure Project Brewing in Miramar. Out jumps a tall, handsome man wearing Wayfarers and a green Pure Project T-shirt. A hops vine...

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