Aztec Brewing Company

Aztec Brewing Company

Aztec Brewing Company is a little bit of nostalgia and a little bit of new life. Although they are working to revive an oldstyle brand, they are also working hard to be conscious of the importance of being green and being natural. They use choice malts and high quality hops. They want you to be able to savor the flavor before you taste it.


Brewery – Vista
2330 La Mirada Drive #300 Vista, CA 92081
(760) 598-7720

El Dorado Blonde 4.1 % 24
Hibiscus Wheat 7.4 % 20
Aztec Amber 5.7 % 44
Aztec Chipotle IPA 6.6 % 61
Hop Serpent Imperial IPA 9.9 % 103
Noche de los Muertos 10.2 % 64
Cacao Chocolate Porter 6.4 % 38
Aztec Sacrifice Red IPA 7.6 % 82
Hop Serpent Imperial IPA 9.9 % 103
ABC Retro Lager 6.0 % 24
El Humo (the Smoke) Rauchbier 6.0 % 25
Unlike so many craft breweries that start out by building their brand around a homebrew, Aztec Brewing Company did the reverse. They built a homebrew around an old brand. That brand just happened to be famous, and exactly what...

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