Arcana Brewing

Arcana Brewing

Arcana Brewing is a craft microbrewery located in Carlsbad, making what they think are some pretty tasty ales. Potent porters, English bitters, Stouts, Strong Ales, and more – the beauty of being a small shop is that they get to brew what they want when they want and serve it at peak quality. They brew classic favorites, revolving experimentals, and can even customize a special batch brewed just for you.


Brewery – Carlsbad
5621 Palmer Way Carlsbad, CA 92010
(909) 529-2337

The English word “arcana” is a noun defined as secrets, or mysteries. So when we heard there was a brewing company named “Arcana” somewhere along the Hops Highway, we set out to learn about its “secrets or mysteries” and,...

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