Danny’s Palm Bar & Grill for Craft Beer and Burgers

Danny’s Palm Bar & Grill for Craft Beer and Burgers

Opened in 1907, Danny’s Palm Bar & Grill is a neighborhood bar in the village of Coronado. It has the feel of a quirky pub, with vintage neon beer signs, a large mural circa 1930s, and remnants of its original days as a speakeasy during Prohibition.

Today, the bar is popular with local Navy SEALS who have built a memorial to SEALS who died in combat after 9/11. Photographs of these fallen heroes are mounted on the wall behind the bar along with small American flags. Although Danny’s is a hangout for SEALS, tourists and Coronado residents are welcome.

Although there are plenty of bar stools to sit at the bar, Danny’s also booths and tables in back. There are several TVs for watching sports and a boxing game for entertainment. A juke box is always at the ready to play your favorite tunes.

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